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Meaning of LOLLI

Matching Terms:  loll, loll around, lollard, lollardism, loller, lolling, lollingly, lollipop, lollipop lady, lollipop woman, lollop, lolly, lollygag

Computing Dictionary

(Named after the "lollipop" operator "-o") An interpreter for logic programming based on linear logic, written by Josh Hodas <hodas@saul.cis.upenn.edu>.

Lolli can be viewed as a refinement of the hereditary harrop formulas of lambda-prolog. All the operators (though not the higher order unification) of Lambda-Prolog are supported, but with the addition of linear variations. Thus a Lolli program distinguishes between clauses which can be used as many, or as few, times as desired, and those that must be used exactly once. Lolli is implemented in sml/nj.

[Josh Hodas et al, "Logic Programming in a Fragment of Intuitionistic Linear Logic", Information and Computation, to appear].