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Meaning of LOBOTOMY

Pronunciation:  low'bâtumee

Computing Dictionary

1. What a hacker subjected to formal management training is said to have undergone. At ibm and elsewhere this term is used by both hackers and low-level management; the latter doubtless intend it as a joke.

2. The act of removing the processor from a microcomputer in order to replace or upgrade it. Some very cheap clone systems are sold in "lobotomised" form - everything but the brain.

[jargon file]

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: amygdalotomy, ankylotomy, arteriotomy, blepharotomy, caesarean, cardiotomy, celiotomy, cholecystotomy, cirsotomy, coccygotomy, colpotomy, craniotomy, cystotomy, embryotomy, enterotomy, gastroenterotomy, gastrotomy, glossotomy, hebotomy, herniotomy, hysterotomy, laparotomy, lithotomy, mastotomy, nephrotomy, neurotomy, ovariotomy, pancreatotomy, phrenicotomy, pneumonotomy, prefrontal lobotomy, prostatotomy, psychosurgery, salpingotomy, sclerotomy, thoracotomy, thyrotomy, tonsillotomy, ureterotomy, urethrotomy