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Meaning of LAURE

Matching Terms:  laura, lauraceae, lauraceous, laurasia, laurate, laureate, laureateship, laureation, laurel, laurel and hardy, laurel cherry, laurel family, laurel oak, laurel sumac, laurel willow, laurel wreath, laureled, laurelled, laurels, laurel-tree, laurelwood, laurence olivier, laurence stephen lowry, laurence sterne, laurens, laurentian, laurentius, laurer, laurestine, lauric, lauric acid, lauric acid hydroxylase, lauriferous, laurin, laurinol, lauriol, laurite, lauritz lebrecht hommel melchior, lauritz melchior, laurone, laurus, laurus nobilis, lauryl alcohol

Computing Dictionary

A language for knowledge representation combining object-oriented features and logic programming. It has set operations, object-oriented exception handling and a polymorphic type system.

["An Object-Oriented Language for Advanced Applications", in Proc TOOLS 5, Santa Barbara 1991, P-H].