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Meaning of KIOSK

Pronunciation:  kee'âsk

Computing Dictionary

A stall set up in a public place where one can obtain information, e.g. tourist information. The information may be provided by a human or by a computer. In the latter case, the data may be stored locally (e.g. on cd-rom) or accessed via a network using some kind of distributed information retreival system such as gopher or world-wide web.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: alcove, arbor, booth, bower, conservatory, crib, gatehouse, gazebo, glasshouse, greenhouse, hut, hutch, lathhouse, lean-to, news kiosk, newsstand, Nissen hut, outbuilding, outhouse, pavilion, pergola, Quonset hut, retreat, sentry box, shack, shanty, shed, stall, stand, summerhouse, tollbooth, tollhouse