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Meaning of HENRY

Pronunciation:  'henree, 'henree

Matching Terms:  henri becquerel, henri bergson, henri clemens van de velde, henri emile benoit matisse, henri labrouste, henri louis bergson, henri matisse, henri rene albert guy de maupassant, henri rousseau, henri toulouse-lautrec, henri van de velde, henrietta cloth, henriette rosine bernard, henrik ibsen, henroost, henry alfred kissinger, henry beauclerc, henry bolingbroke, henry cavendish, henry clay, henry clay frick, henry david thoreau, henry engelhard steinway, henry fielding, henry fonda, henry ford, henry ford ii, henry graham greene, henry hobson richardson, henry hubert turner, henry hudson, henry i, henry ii, henry iii, henry iv, henry james, henry john heinz, henry kenneth alfred russell, henry kissinger, henry laurens, henry le chatelier, henry lee, henry louis aaron, henry louis gehrig, henry louis mencken, henry luce, henry m. stanley, henry martin robert, henry miller, henry moore, henry morgan, henry norris russell, henry oscar houghton, henry purcell, henry robinson luce, henry rowe schoolcraft, henry russell, henry spencer moore, henry steinway, henry sweet, henry tudor, henry v, henry valentine miller, henry vi, henry vii, henry viii, henry villard, henry wadsworth longfellow, henry ward beecher, henry watson fowler, henry wheeler shaw, henry's law

Computing Dictionary

(H) The si unit of inductance: one henry is the inductance of a closed loop in which the induced voltage is one volt if the current flowing through it changes by one ampere each second, i.e., 1 H = 1 Vs/A. Named after the American physicist Joseph Henry (1797-1878).