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Pronunciation:  'hevee`weyt

Computing Dictionary

High-overhead; baroque; code-intensive; featureful, but costly. Especially used of communication protocols, language designs, and any sort of implementation in which maximum generality and/or ease of implementation has been pushed at the expense of mundane considerations such as speed, memory use and startup time. emacs is a heavyweight editor; x is an *extremely* heavyweight window system. This term isn't pejorative, but one hacker's heavyweight is another's elephantine and a third's monstrosity.

Opposite: "lightweight". Usage: now borders on technical especially in the compound "heavyweight process".

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: access, bad influence, bantamweight, big, big boy, big cheese, big wheel, big-league, big-name, big-time, big-timer, bigwig, bigwigged, black belt, blimp, boxer, brown belt, bruiser, catchweight, chief, Chinese boxer, consequential, considerable, court, double-barreled, earthshaking, eminence grise, fat, fat cat, fatty, featherweight, fighter, fisticuffer, five-percenter, flyweight, friend at court, good influence, grand, gray eminence, great, heavy, hefty, hidden hand, high-powered, hippo, important, influence, influence peddler, influencer, ingroup, karate expert, key, kingmaker, leaden, leader, light heavyweight, lightweight, lion, lobby, lobbyist, lords of creation, lump, major, man of influence, manipulator, massive, massy, material, middleweight, momentous, name, open sesame, overweight, palooka, ponderous, potbelly, powers that be, pressure group, prizefighter, pug, pugilist, Rasputin, roly-poly, savate expert, self-important, significant, sinister influence, sparrer, special interests, special-interest group, substantial, superior, Svengali, swagbelly, the Establishment, tub, tub of lard, tun, very important person, VIP, weighty, welterweight, wheeler-dealer, wire-puller, world-shaking