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Meaning of GERMAN

Pronunciation:  'jurmun

Matching Terms:  germain, german american, german bee, german capital, german chamomile, german cockroach, german democratic republic, german iris, german ivy, german language, german lesson, german measles, german millet, german monetary unit, german pancake, german police dog, german rampion, german shepherd, german shepherd dog, german short-haired pointer, german silver, german tamarisk, german-american, germander, germander speedwell, germane, germane(p), germaneness, germanic, germanic language, germanism, germanite, germanium, germanization, germanize, german-speaking, germany, germarium

Computing Dictionary

\j*r'mn\ A human language written (in latin alphabet) and spoken in Germany, Austria and parts of Switzerland.

German writing normally uses four non-ascii characters: "äöüß", the first three have "umlauts" (two dots over the top): A O and U and the last is a double-S ("scharfes S") which looks like the Greek letter beta (except in capitalised words where it should be written "SS"). These can be written in ASCII in several ways, the most common are ae, oe ue AE OE UE ss or sz and the tex versions "a "o "u "A "O "U "s.

See also abend, blinkenlights, dau, din, gedanken, gmd, kluge.

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