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Meaning of GCC

Computing Dictionary

The gnu c compiler by richard stallman et al. A very high quality, very portable compiler for c, c++ and objective c. The compiler is designed to support multiple front-ends and multiple back-ends by translating first into register transfer language and from there into assembly code for the target architecture. Front ends for ada, pascal and fortran are under development.

GNU C is a superset of k&r c and ansi c. The extensions include compound statement within an expression, pointers to labels, local labels, nested functions, typeof operator, compound and conditional expressions and casts allowed as lvalues, long long ints, arrays of variable length, macros with variable number of arguments, nonconstant initialisers, constructor expressions, labelled elements in initialisers, case ranges, variable attributes, global register variables.

Version: 2.5.7. Distributed under gnu general public license. Ported to 3b1, amd 29k, aix385, dec alpha, altos3068, amix, arm, convex, crds, elxsi, fx2800, fx80, genix, hp320, clipper, intel 80386 - ms-dos, isc, sco, sysv.3, sysv.4, mach, bsd, linux, ms windows, os/2 - iris, i860, i960, irix4, 68000, motorola m88k svsv.3, mips-news, mot3300, next, ns32k, nws3250-v.4, hp-pa, pc532, plexus, pyramid, romp, rs/6000, sparc-sunos, sparc-solaris2, sparc-sysv.4, spur, sun386, tahoe, tow, umpis, vax-vms, vax-bsd, we32k, hitachi-sh, hitachi-8300.

dsp56k-gcc is motorola's port to the motorola dsp56000.

ftp gcc-2.X.X.tar.gz from your nearest gnu archive site. ms-dos. Mailing list: gnu.gcc.help. E-mail: gnu.gcc.bug (bug reports), gnu.gcc.announce (announcements).

["Using and Porting GNU CC", R.M. Stallman, 1992-12-16].