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Meaning of GARNET

Pronunciation:  'gârnit

Matching Terms:  garner, garnet lac, garnetiferous

Computing Dictionary

1. A graphical object editor and macintosh environment.

2. A user interface development environment for common lisp and x11 from The Garnet project team. It helps you create graphical, interactive user interfaces.

Version 2.2 includes the following: a custom object-oriented programming system which uses a prototype-instance model. automatic constraint maintenance allowing properties of objects to depend on properties of other objects and be automatically re-evaluated when the other objects change. The constraints can be arbitrary Lisp expressions. Built-in, high-level input event handling. Support for gesture recognition. widgets for multi-font, multi-line, mouse-driven text editing. Optional automatic layout of application data into lists, tables, trees or graphs. Automatic generation of postscript for printing. Support for large-scale applications and data visualisation.

Also supplied are: two complete widget sets, one with a motif look and feel implemented in lisp and one with a custom look and feel. Interactive design tools for creating parts of the interface without writing code: Gilt interface builder for creating dialog boxes. Lapidary interactive tool for creating new widgets and for drawing application-specific objects. C32 spreadsheet system for specifying complex constraints.

Not yet available: Jade automatic dialog box creation system. Marquise interactive tool for specifying behaviours.