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Meaning of FORTRAN

Pronunciation:  'fortran

Matching Terms:  fortracin, fortran 66, fortran 77, fortran 90, fortran automatic symbol translator, fortran compiler, fortran d, fortran i, fortran ii, fortran iii, fortran iv, fortran m, fortran matrix abstraction technique fortran, fortran program, fortran v, fortran vi, fortran-linda, fortran-plus, fortransit, fortrash

Computing Dictionary

(Formula Translation) The first and, for a long time, the most widely used programming language for numerical and scientific applications. The original versions lacked recursive procedures and block structure and had a line-oriented syntax in which certain columns had special significance.

There have been a great many versions.

The name is often written "FORTRAN", harking back to the days before computers were taught about lower case, but ansi decreed, in about 1985 via the ANSI fortran Technical Committee tc, that it should be "Fortran".

See also: fortrash.