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Meaning of FORMS

Matching Terms:  form, form class, form division, form factor, form family, form feed, form function, form genus, form letter, form of government, formable, formac, formal, formal argument, formal description technique, formal garden, formal interview, formal logic, formal methods, formal object role modeling language, formal organization, formal review, formaldehyde, formalin, formalisation, formalise, formalised, formalism, formalist, formalistic, formalities, formality, formalization, formalize, formalized, formally, formalness, formalwear, formamide, format, formate, format-fortran, formation, formation processes, formative, formative cell, formatted capacity, formatting, formatting output specification instance, forme, form'e, formed, formedon, formell, former, former(a), formeret, formerly, formes, formful, formic, formic acid, formica, formica fusca, formica rufa, formica sanguinea, formicariidae, formicarius, formicaroid, formicary, formicate, formication, formicid, formicidae, formidability, formidable, formidableness, formidably, formidolose, forming, forming face, forml, formless, formlessly, formol, form-only(a), formosa, formosan, forms of dna i, formula, formula algol, formulaic, formularise, formularistic, formularization, formularize, formulary, formulate, formulated, formulation, formule, formulization, formulize, formycin b, formyl

Computing Dictionary

1. fill-out form.

2. (Xforms) A gui component library for x11.