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Meaning of EXECUTIVE

Pronunciation:  ig'zekyutiv

Matching Terms:  executive agency, executive branch, executive clemency, executive council, executive department, executive director, executive officer, executive program, executive routine, executive secretary, executive session, executive systems programming oriented language, executive vice president, executively

Computing Dictionary

The command interpreter or shell for an operating system. The term is used especially around mainframes and probably derived from univac's archaic exec 2 and current (in 2000) exec 8 operating systems.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: administrating, administration, administrative, administrator, archon, big cheese, board, board of directors, board of regents, board of trustees, boss, bureaucratic, businessman, businesswoman, cabinet, cadre, captain, castellan, chancellor, chatelain, chatelaine, chief executive, chief executive officer, commandant, commander, council, dean, directing, director, directorate, directorship, directory, entrepreneur, exec, executive arm, executive committee, executive director, executive hierarchy, executive officer, executive secretary, foreman, governing, governing board, governing body, government, governmental, governor, gubernatorial, head, infrastructure, intendant, interlocking directorate, kingpin, leader, leadership, magistrate, management, manager, managerial, managing, managing director, master, ministerial, number one, officer, official, officiating, overseer, prefect, president, presiding, prexy, principal, provost, regulatory, ruler, secretary, steering committee, superintendent, supervision, supervisor, supervisory, the administration, the brass, the executive, the people upstairs, top brass, top dog, treasurer, vice-chancellor, vice-president, warden