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Meaning of EQUALS

Matching Terms:  equal, equal opportunity, equal protection of the law, equal protection of the laws, equal to(p), equal-area map projection, equal-area projection, equalisation, equalise, equalised, equaliser, equalitarian, equalitarianism, equality, equality before the law, equality state, equalization, equalize, equalized, equalizer, equalizing dividend, equally, equalness, equals sign

Computing Dictionary

"=", ascii character 61.

Common names: itu-t: equals; gets; takes. Rare: quadrathorpe; intercal: half-mesh.

Equals is used in many languages as the assignment operator though earlier languages used ":=" ("becomes equal to") to avoid upsetting mathematicians with statements such as "x = x+1". It is also used in compounds such as "=", "==", "/=", "!=" for various comparison operators and in c's "+=", "*=" etc. which mimic the primitive operations of two-address code.