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Meaning of DYNAMO

Pronunciation:  'dInu`mow

Matching Terms:  dynam, dynameter, dynametrical, dynamic, dynamic adaptive routing, dynamic address translation, dynamic analysis, dynamic balance, dynamic binding, dynamic data exchange, dynamic data linking, dynamic database management system, dynamic dbms, dynamic drive overlay, dynamic electricity, dynamic execution, dynamic headroom, dynamic host configuration protocol, dynamic html, dynamic language, dynamic link, dynamic link library, dynamic object-oriented requirements system, dynamic ram, dynamic random access memory, dynamic routing, dynamic scope, dynamic scoping, dynamic systems development method, dynamic viscosity, dynamical, dynamically, dynamically linked library, dynamically scoped, dynamics, dynamics analyzer, dynamise, dynamism, dynamist, dynamitard, dynamite, dynamiter, dynamiting, dynamitism, dynamitist, dynamization, dynamize, dynamo-electric, dynamograph, dynamometer, dynamometric, dynamometry

Computing Dictionary

DYNamic MOdels. A language for continuous simulation including economic, industrial and social systems, developed by Phyllis Fox and A.L. Pugh in 1959.

Versions include DYNAMO II, DYNAMO II/370, DYNAMO II/F, DYNAMO III and Gaming DYNAMO.

["DYNAMO User's Manual", A.L. Pugh, MIT Press 1976].