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Meaning of DRIVER

Pronunciation:  'drIvur

Matching Terms:  drive, drive around, drive away, drive back, drive home, drive in, drive line, drive line system, drive off, drive out, drive up, drivebolt, drive-by shooting, drive-in, drivel, drive-lanes, driveler, driveller, driven, driven well, drivepipe, driver ant, drivers, driver's licence, driver's license, driveshaft, driveway

Computing Dictionary

1. device driver.

2. The main loop of an event-processing program; the code that gets commands and dispatches them for execution.

3. In the tex world and the computerised typesetting world in general, a program that translates some device-independent or other common format to something a real device can actually understand.

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Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: absolute monarch, absolute ruler, agent, airscrew, all-powerful ruler, arrogator, autarch, autocrat, backseat driver, boy, bullwhacker, bus driver, busman, butler, cabby, cabdriver, cabman, caesar, cameleer, carter, cartman, charioteer, chauffeur, coachman, coachy, cocher, cochero, commissar, conductor, czar, despot, dictator, disciplinarian, drayman, duce, elephant driver, engineer, equerry, fan, functionary, gardener, gentleman, gharry-wallah, gillie, hack, hackdriver, hackman, hacky, handler, hard master, harness racer, hit-and-run driver, houseboy, houseman, impeller, Jehu, jitney driver, joyrider, lord-in-waiting, mahout, man, manipulator, manservant, martinet, motorist, mule skinner, muleteer, oligarch, operant, operative, operator, oppressor, paddle wheel, pharaoh, pilot, piston, prop, propellant, propeller, propulsor, reinsman, road hog, rotor, runner, screw, screw propeller, Simon Legree, skinner, slave driver, speeder, stage coachman, steersman, stickler, Sunday driver, taxidriver, teamster, truck driver, trucker, truckman, turbine, twin screws, tyrant, usurper, valet, valet de chambre, vetturino, voiturier, wagoner, wagonman, warlord, wheel, whip