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Meaning of CONSOLE

Pronunciation:  [n]'kânsowl, [v]kun'sowl

Matching Terms:  consol, consolable, consolate, consolation, consolation game, consolation of israel, consolato del mare, consolator, consolatory, console jockey, console table, consoler, consolida, consolida ambigua, consolidant, consolidate, consolidated, consolidation, consolidation therapy, consolidative, consoling, consolingly, consols

Computing Dictionary

1. The operator's station of a mainframe. In times past, this was a privileged location that conveyed godlike powers to anyone with fingers on its keys. Under unix and other modern time-sharing operating systems, such privileges are guarded by passwords instead, and the console is just the tty the system was booted from. Some of the mystique remains, however, and it is traditional for sysadmins to post urgent messages to all users from the console (on Unix, /dev/console).

2. On microcomputer unix boxes, the main screen and keyboard (as opposed to character-only terminals talking to a serial port). Typically only the console can do real graphics or run x. See also cty.

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Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: animate, assuage, assure, bear up, buck up, cabinet, calm, chassis, cheer, cheer up, choir, claviature, comfort, commiserate, condole with, control desk, control panel, ease, echo, eighty-eight, encourage, express sympathy for, feel with, fingerboard, give comfort, graphic panel, great, grieve for, grieve with, hearten, housing, inspirit, ivories, jack field, keyboard, keys, manual, master control desk, mixer, organ manual, panelboard, pedals, piano keys, put at ease, radio, radio receiver, radio set, radio telescope, reassure, receiver, receiving set, relieve, set, set at ease, solace, solo, soothe, sorrow with, speak soothing words, swell, sympathize with, tranquilize, upraise, weep for, weep with, wireless, wireless set