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Meaning of COMPL

Matching Terms:  comp, compact, compact car, compact cobol, compact disc, compact disc interactive, compact disc read-only memory, compact disc read-write, compact disc recordable, compact disc rewritable, compact disc write-once, compact disk, compact tissue, compact-disk burner, compacted, compactedly, compactedness, compacter, compactible, compaction, compactly, compactness, compactness preserving, compacture, compages, compaginate, compagination, companable, companator, companiable, companion, companionability, companionable, companionableness, companionate, companionless, companionship, companionway, company, company man, company name, company operator, company union, compaq computer corporation, comparability, comparable, comparable to(p), comparable with(p), comparably, comparate, comparation, comparative, comparative anatomist, comparative anatomy, comparative fault, comparative genomics, comparative literature, comparative negligence, comparative pathology, comparative psychology, comparatively, comparator, compare, comparer, comparing, comparison, comparison-shop, compart, compartition, compartment, compartment pressure, compartment syndrome, compartmental, compartmentalisation, compartmentalise, compartmentalised, compartmentalization, compartmentalize, compartmentalized, compartmented, compartner, compas pascal, compass, compass card, compass flower, compass north, compass plane, compass plant, compass point, compass saw, compassable, compassed, compasses, compassing, compassion, compassionable, compassionate, compassionate leave, compassionate use, compassionately, compassionateness, compassless, compaternity, compatibility, compatibility group, compatible, compatible software, compatible solute, compatible timesharing system, compatibleness, compatibly, compatient, compatriot, compatriotism, compear, compeer, compel, compellable, compellably, compellation, compellative, compellatory, compelled(p), compeller, compelling, compend, compendiarious, compendiate, compendious, compendiously, compendiousness, compendium, compensable, compensate, compensated, compensation, compensative, compensator, compensatory, compensatory damages, compensatory pause, compensatory spending, compense, compere, comperendinate, compesce, compete, competence, competence hearing, competency, competent, competently, competible, competing(a), competition, competition hybridization, competitive, competitive access provider, competitive inhibition, competitively, competitiveness, competitor, competitory, competitress, competitrix, compilation, compilator, compile, compiled html, compilement, compiler, compiler compiler, compiler jock, compiler language for information processing, compiler target language, compiler-compiler, compiling, compiling program, compinge, complacence, complacency, complacent, complacential, complacently, complain, complainable, complainant, complainer, complaining(a), complainingly, complaint, complaintful, complaintive, complaisance, complaisant, complanar, complanate, complect, complected, complement, complement fixation, complement fixation test, complemental, complementarity, complementary, complementary and alternative medicine, complementary base pairing, complementary color, complementary distribution, complementary dna, complementary dna (cdna), complementary dna cloning, complementary dna library, complementary dna or rna, complementary medicine, complementary metal oxide semiconductor, complementary nondeterministic polynomial, complementary nucleotides, complementary pair, complementary sequence, complementary sequences, complementation, complementation fixation test, complementation test, complete, complete blood count, complete fracture, complete graph, complete inference system, complete lattice, complete medium, complete metric space, complete partial ordering, complete remission, complete response, complete theory, complete unification, complete(a), completed, completely, completement, completeness, completing, completion, completive, completory, complex, complex absence, complex body part, complex carbohydrate, complex fraction, complex instruction set computer, complex instruction set computing, complex ion, complex medium, complex number, complex programmable logic device, complex quantity, complex sentence, complex trait, complexed, complexedness, complexifier, complexify, complexion, complexional, complexionally, complexionary, complexioned, complexity, complexity analysis, complexity class, complexity measure, complexly, complexness, complexus, compliable, compliance, compliancy, compliant, compliantly, complicacy, complicant, complicate, complicated, complicatedness, complicately, complicateness, complication, complications of diabetes, complice, complicity, complier, compliment, complimental, complimentary, complimentative, complimenter, compliments, complin, compline, complot, complotment, complotter, complutensian, compluvium, comply, complying, compo, compone, component, component architecture, component based development, component integration laboratories, component object model, component part, component video, component(a), compony, comport, comportable, comportance, comportation, comportment, compos mentis, compos mentis(p), compose, composed, composedly, composer, composing, compositae, composite, composite material, composite order, composite plant, composite resins, composite school, composite tool, composite transposon, composite video, composition, composition board, compositional, compositional c++, compositive, compositor, compositous, compositus, compos-mentis, compossible, compost, compost heap, compost pile, composture, composure, compotation, compotator, compote, compotier, compound, compound control, compound document architecture, compound eye, compound fraction, compound fracture, compound interest, compound key, compound leaf, compound lens, compound lever, compound microscope, compound morphology, compound nevus, compound number, compound pendulum, compound pistil, compound protein, compound sentence, compound tool, compoundable, compounded, compounder, compounding, comprador, comprecation, comprehend, comprehended, comprehendible, comprehensibility, comprehensible, comprehensibleness, comprehensibly, comprehension, comprehensive, comprehensive perl archive network, comprehensive school, comprehensive tex archive network, comprehensive wetland determination, comprehensively, comprehensiveness, comprehensor, compress, compressed, compressed air, compressed gas, compressed slip, compressed video, compressed yeast, compressibility, compressible, compressibleness, compressing, compression, compression bandage, compression fracture, compression projectile, compressive, compressor, compressure, comprint, comprisal, comprise, comprobate, comprobation, compromise, compromise verdict, compromiser, compromising, compromissorial, compromit, comprosl, comprovincial, compsognathus, compt, compte rendu, compter, comptible, comptly, comptograph, comptometer, compton, comptonia, comptonia asplenifolia, comptonia peregrina, comptrol, comptroler, comptroller, comptroller general, comptroller of the currency, comptrollership, compu$erve, compulink information exchange, compulsative, compulsatively, compulsatory, compulsion, compulsive, compulsively, compulsiveness, compulsivity, compulsorily, compulsory, compulsory process, compunct, compunction, compunctionless, compunctious, compunctiously, compunctive, compurgation, compurgator, compurgatorial, compuserve corporation, compuserve information service, compusult ltd., computability theory, computable, computation, computational, computational adequacy theorem, computational biology, computational chemistry, computational complexity, computational geometry, computational learning, computational linguist, computational linguistics, computationally, compute, compute parallel, compute server, computed axial tomography, computed tomographic colonography, computed tomography, computed tomography colography, computed tomography scanning, computer, computer + science network, computer accessory, computer address, computer aided design, computer aided engineering, computer aided software engineering, computer animation movie language, computer architecture, computer associates international, inc., computer backup, computer business, computer circuit, computer code, computer compiler, computer confetti, computer conservation society, computer crime, computer database, computer dealer, computer design language, computer dictionary, computer display, computer emergency response team, computer error, computer ethics, computer expert, computer file, computer game, computer geek, computer generation incorporated, computer graphics, computer graphics metafile, computer guru, computer hardware, computer industry, computer integrated manufacturing, computer keyboard, computer language, computer law, computer literacy, computer management group of australia, computer mediated communication, computer memory, computer memory unit, computer menu, computer nerd, computer network, computer operation, computer output to laser disk, computer paper, computer peripheral, computer professionals for social responsibility, computer program, computer programing, computer programme, computer programmer, computer programming, computer science, computer scientist, computer screen, computer security, computer sex, computer simulation, computer software configuration item, computer storage, computer store, computer supported cooperative work, computer system, computer technology, computer telephone integration, computer telephony integration, computer tomography scan, computer virus, computer vision, computer-aided design, computer-aided instruction, computer-aided learning, computer-aided software testing, computer-assisted learning, computer-assisted software engineering, computer-based training, computer-generated imagery, computerise, computerised, computerize, computerized, computerized axial tomography, computerized axial tomography scanner, computerized tomography, computer-oriented language, computing, computing device, computing devices canada ltd., computing dictionary, computing machine, computing system, computist, computron, compuware corporation

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["The COMPL Language and Operating System", A.G. Fraser et al, Computer J 9(2):144-156 (1966)].