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Meaning of COMMA

Pronunciation:  'kâmu

Matching Terms:  comm mode, comma bacillus, comma butterfly, comma separated values, command, command control processor, command guidance, command interpreter, command key, command language, command line, command line interface, command line option, command module, command overhead, command post, command processing overhead, command processing overhead time, command prompt, commandable, commandant, commandatory, commandeer, commander, commander in chief, commandership, commandery, commanding, commanding officer, commandingly, command-line interpreter, commandment, commandments, the ten, commando, commandress, commandry, commark, commaterial, commatic, commatism, comme il faut, commeasurable, commeasure, commedia dell'arte, commelina, commelinaceae, commelinales, commelinidae, commemorable, commemorate, commemorating, commemoration, commemorative, commemorator, commemoratory, commen, commence, commencement, commencement ceremony, commencement day, commencement exercise, commend, commendable, commendam, commendatary, commendation, commendator, commendatory, commender, commensal, commensalism, commensality, commensally, commensation, commensurability, commensurable, commensurably, commensurate, commensurately, commensurateness, commensuration, comment, comment out, commentary, commentate, commentation, commentator, commentatorial, commentatorship, commenter, commentitious, commerce, commerce department, commerce destroyer, commerce secretary, commercial, commercial activity, commercial agency, commercial art, commercial artist, commercial at, commercial bank, commercial bribery, commercial credit, commercial credit company, commercial document, commercial enterprise, commercial finance company, commercial instrument, commercial internet exchange, commercial law, commercial letter of credit, commercial loan, commercial message, commercial paper, commercial translator, commercial traveler, commercial traveller, commercialisation, commercialise, commercialised, commercialism, commercialization, commercialize, commercialized, commercially, commie, commigrate, commigration, comminate, commination, comminatory, commingle, commingler, comminute, comminuted fracture, comminution, commiphora, commiphora meccanensis, commiphora myrrha, commiserable, commiserate, commiseration, commiserative, commiserator, commissaire maigret, commissar, commissarial, commissariat, commissary, commissaryship, commission, commission on human rights, commission on narcotic drugs, commission on the status of women, commission plan, commissionaire, commissional, commissionate, commissioned, commissioned military officer, commissioned naval officer, commissioned officer, commissioner, commissioning, commissionnaire, commissionship, commissive, commissural, commissure, commit, commitment, committable, committal, committal service, committal to memory, committal to writing, committed, committedness, committee, committee meeting, committee member, committeeman, committeewoman, committer, committible, commix, commixion, commixtion, commixture, commodate, commode, commodious, commodiously, commodiousness, commodities exchange, commodities market, commodity, commodity brokerage, commodity chemical, commodity exchange, commodore, commodore 1010, commodore 128, commodore 1541, commodore 1570, commodore 1571, commodore 1581, commodore 64, commodore 64dx, commodore 65, commodore business machines, commodore john barry bridge, commodore perry, commodore sx64, commodore vanderbilt, common, common ageratum, common alder, common algorithmic language, common allamanda, common american shad, common amsinckia, common applications environment, common applications service element, common apricot, common architecture for next generation internet p, common arrowhead, common ax, common axe, common bamboo, common barberry, common barley, common basil, common bean, common bean plant, common bearberry, common beech, common beet, common bile duct, common bile duct 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commute, commuter, commuter traffic, commuter train, commuting, commutual

Computing Dictionary
  1. COMputable MAthematics.

    An esprit project at KU nijmegen.

  2. "," ascii character 44. Common names: itu-t: comma. Rare: itu-t: cedilla; intercal: tail.

    In the c programming language, "," is an operator which evaluates its first argument (which presumably has side-effects) and then returns the value of its second argument. This is useful in "for" statements and macros.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ampersand, angle brackets, apostrophe, boundary, braces, caesura, colon, dash, decimal point, diagonal, dot, ellipsis, exclamation mark, full stop, hyphen, interval, juncture, lull, parens, parentheses, pause, period, point, question mark, quotation marks, quotes, semicolon, single quotes, solidus, stop, virgule