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Meaning of COMIT

Matching Terms:  comic, comic book, comic opera, comic strip, comical, comicality, comically, comicry, coming, coming attraction, coming back, coming into court, coming of christ, coming together, coming upon, coming(a), comint, comis, comit ii, comite europeen des postes et telecommunications, comitia, comitial, comitiva, comity, comity of nations

Computing Dictionary

The first string-handling and pattern-matching language, designed in 1957-8 for applications in natural language translation. The user has a workspace organised into shelves. Strings are made of constituents (words), accessed by subscript. A program is a set of rules, each of which has a pattern, a replacement and goto another rule.

["COMIT Programmer's Reference Manual", V.H. Yngve, MIT Press 1961].

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