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Meaning of COLOUR

Pronunciation:  'kulur

Matching Terms:  colour bar, colour blindness, colour constancy, colour depth, colour in, colour line, colour look-up table, colour model, colour of law, colour palette, colour scheme, colour television, colour television system, colour television tube, colour tube, colour tv, colour tv tube, colour vision deficiency, colour wash, colouration, colour-blind, coloured, colourful, colouring, colouring material, colourise, colourize, colourless, colourlessness, colours

Computing Dictionary

(US "color") Colours are usually represented as rgb triples in a digital image because this corresponds most closely to the electronic signals needed to drive a crt. Several equivalent systems ("colour models") exist, e.g. hsb. A colour image may be stored as three separate images, one for each of red, green, and blue, or each pixel may encode the colour using separate bit-fields for each colour component, or each pixel may store a logical colour number which is looked up in a hardware colour palette to find the colour to display.

Printers may use the cmyk or pantone representations of colours as well as RGB.