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Meaning of CHILD

Pronunciation:  chIld

Matching Terms:  chilblain, chilblained, chilblains, child abuse, child care, child molester, child neglect, child pornography, child process, child prodigy, child psychology, child record, child study, child support, child version, child welfare agency, child welfare service, childbearing, childbed, childbed fever, childbirth, childbirth-preparation class, childcare, childcrowing, childe, childe hassam, childed, childermas day, childhood, childing, childish, childishly, childishness, childless, childlessness, childlike, childly, childness, children, child's body, child's game, child's play, child's room, childship, chile, chile bonito, chile hazel, chile nut, chile pine, chile tarweed, chileab, chilean, chilean bonito, chilean cedar, chilean firebush, chilean flameflower, chilean hazelnut, chilean jasmine, chilean monetary unit, chilean nut, chilean peso, chilean pine, chilean rimu, chilean strawberry, chili, chili con carne, chili dog, chili pepper, chili powder, chili sauce, chili vinegar, chiliab, chiliad, chiliagon, chiliahedron, chilian, chiliarchy, chiliasm, chiliast, chiliastic, chilion, chill, chill out, chilled, chilli, chilli pepper, chilliness, chilling, chillness, chills, chills and fever, chilly, chilmad, chiloe, chilognath, chilognatha, chiloma, chilomastix, chilomeniscus, chilomeniscus cinctus, chilomycterus, chilopod, chilopoda, chilopsis, chilopsis linearis, chilostoma, chilostomatous, chiltern hundreds

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Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: adolescent, angel, artifact, babe, baby, bairn, boy, brainchild, brat, brood, bud, cherub, chick, chickabiddy, child of nature, chit, coinage, composition, concoction, creation, creature, crowning achievement, darling, daughter, descendant, descendants, dickens, distillation, dove, dupe, effect, end product, essence, extract, foetus, foster child, fruit, girl, grandchild, granddaughter, grandson, handiwork, heiress, hick, infant, ingenue, innocent, invention, issue, juvenile, kid, kitten, lad, laddie, lamb, lambkin, lass, lassie, little bugger, little fellow, little guy, little innocent, little one, little tad, little tot, lout, manufacture, masterpiece, masterwork, mere child, minor, mintage, mite, moppet, neonate, new mintage, newborn, newborn babe, nipper, noble savage, oaf, offspring, opera, opus, opuscule, origination, outcome, outgrowth, peewee, posterity, product, production, progeniture, progeny, puss, result, rube, runabout, scion, seed, shaver, simple soul, small fry, son, son and heir, sonny, stepchild, stepdaughter, stepson, stripling, tad, teenager, teener, teenybopper, toddler, tot, unsophisticate, wee tot, work, yokel, young hopeful, young man, youngling, youngster, youth