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Meaning of CHEMIST

Pronunciation:  'kemist

Matching Terms:  chemise, chemisette, chemism, chemisorb, chemisorption, chemisorptive, chemistry, chemistry class, chemistry department, chemistry lab, chemistry laboratory, chemist's, chemist's shop

Computing Dictionary

(Cambridge) Someone who wastes computer time on number crunching when you'd far rather the computer were doing something more productive, such as working out anagrams of your name or printing Snoopy calendars or running life patterns. May or may not refer to someone who actually studies chemistry.

[jargon file]

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: antique store, apothecary, automobile showroom, bookstore, bootery, candy store, cigar store, clothiers, clothing store, confectionery, dispensary, dispensatory, dispenser, dress shop, druggist, drugstore, dry goods store, florists, fur salon, furniture store, gallipot, gift shop, haberdashery, hardware store, hat shop, hobby shop, ironmongery, jewelers, jewelry store, leather goods store, liquor store, luggage shop, milliners, novelty shop, package store, pharmaceutist, pharmacist, pharmacy, posologist, saddlery, schlock house, schlock shop, secondhand shop, secondhand store, shoe store, smoke shop, specialty shop, sporting goods store, stationers, stationery store, sweater shop, sweet shop, thrift shop, tobacco store, tobacconists, toy shop, trimming store, used-car lot