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Meaning of CEDAR

Pronunciation:  'seedur

Matching Terms:  cedar chest, cedar elm, cedar mahogany, cedar nut, cedar of goa, cedar of lebanon, cedar rapids, cedar tree, cedar waxwing, cedar-apple rust, cedarbird, cedared, cedarn, cedarwood

Computing Dictionary

A superset of mesa, from xerox parc, adding garbage collection, dynamic types and a universal pointer type (REF ANY). Cedar is a large complex language designed for custom Xerox hardware and the Cedar operating system/environment. Data types are atoms, lists, ropes ("industrial strength" strings), conditions. Multi-processing features include threads, monitors, signals and catch phrases. It was used to develop the Cedar integrated programming environment.

["A Description of the Cedar Language", Butler Lampson, Xerox PARC, CSL-83-15 (Dec 1983)].

["The Structure of Cedar", D. Swinehart et al, SIGPLAN Notices 20(7):230-244 (July 1985)].