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Meaning of BIBLE

Pronunciation:  'bIbul

Matching Terms:  bible belt, bible leaf, bibler, bibless, bible-worship, biblical, biblical aramaic, biblical latin, biblicality, biblically, biblicism, biblicist, bibliograph, bibliographer, bibliographic, bibliographical, bibliography, bibliolater, bibliolatrous, bibliolatry, bibliological, bibliology, bibliomancy, bibliomania, bibliomaniac, bibliomaniacal, bibliopegic, bibliopegist, bibliopegistic, bibliopegy, bibliophile, bibliophilic, bibliophilism, bibliophilist, bibliophobia, bibliopole, bibliopolic, bibliopolism, bibliopolist, bibliopolistic, bibliotaph, bibliothec, bibliotheca, bibliothecal, bibliothecarial, bibliothecary, bibliotheke, bibliotic, bibliotics, bibliotist, biblist

Computing Dictionary

The most detailed and authoritative reference for a particular language, operating system or other complex software system. It is also used to denote one of a small number of such books such as knuth and k&r.

[jargon file]

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: canon, canonical writings, Douay Bible, Holy Scripture, Holy Writ, King James Version, Revised Standard Version, Revised Version, sacred writings, Scripture, scriptures, Septuagint, Testament, the Book, the Good Book, the Scriptures, the Word, Vulgate