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Meaning of AUDIO

Pronunciation:  'odee`ow

Matching Terms:  audibility, audible, audibleness, audibly, audience, audient, audile, audio amplifier, audio bandwidth, audio cd, audio compact disc, audio dub, audio frequency, audio iff, audio lingual acquisition, audio mixing, audio processing technology, audio recording, audio system, audio video interleave, audiocassette, audiogram, audiographic teleconferencing, audiographics, audio-lingual, audiology, audiometer, audiometric, audiometry, audioone, audiotape, audiovisual, audiovisual aid, audiphone, audit, audita querela, audited account, audition, auditive, auditor, auditorial, auditorium, auditorship, auditory, auditory aphasia, auditory apparatus, auditory area, auditory brainstem response test, auditory bulla, auditory canal, auditory center, auditory communication, auditory cortex, auditory hallucination, auditory image, auditory meatus, auditory modality, auditory nerve, auditory ossicle, auditory perception, auditory prosthesis, auditory sensation, auditory sense, auditory system, auditory tube, auditress, auditual

Computing Dictionary

Sound, one component of multimedia. Computers (and audio compact discs and digital audio tape) work with digital audio, in contrast to vinyl disks or analogue tape.