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Meaning of ARCHIE

Matching Terms:  archi, archi-, archiannelid, archiannelida, archiater, archibald macleish, archibald percival wavell, archibald wheel, archiblastula, archical, archidiaconal, archidiaconate, archidiskidon, archidiskidon imperator, archiepiscopacy, archiepiscopal, archiepiscopality, archiepiscopate, archierey, archil, archilochian, archilochus, archilochus colubris, archimage, archimandrite, archimedean, archimedes, archimedes' principle, archine, arching, archipallium, archipelagic, archipelago, archippus, archipterygium, archite, architect, architective, architectonic, architectonics, architector, architectress, architectural, architectural engineering, architectural ornament, architectural plan, architectural style, architecturally, architecture, architecture neutral distribution format, architeuthis, architrave, architraved, archival, archive, archive site, archives, archivist, archivolt

Computing Dictionary

A system to automatically gather, index and serve information on the internet. The initial implementation of archie by mcgill university School of Computer Science provided an indexed directory of filenames from all anonymous ftp archives on the Internet. Later versions provide other collections of information.

See also archive site, gopher, prospero, wide area information servers.