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Meaning of APPLE

Pronunciation:  'apul

Matching Terms:  applaud, applaudable, applauder, applausable, applause, applausive, apple aphid, apple attachment unit interface, apple blight, apple butter, apple canker, apple computer, inc., apple dumpling, apple fritter, apple geranium, apple ii, apple jelly, apple juice, apple macintosh, apple maggot, apple mint, apple newton, apple nut, apple of discord, apple of peru, apple open collaboration environment, apple orchard, apple pie, apple polisher, apple rust, apple sauce, apple tart, apple tree, apple turnover, applecart, apple-faced, applejack, apple-jack, apple-john, applemint, applesauce, applesauce cake, applescript, applesoft basic, apple-squire, applet, appletalk, appletalk data stream protocol, appletalk filing protocol, appleton, appleton layer, applewood, appliable, appliance, applicability, applicable, applicancy, applicant, applicate, application, application binary interface, application configuration access protocol, application control architecture, application enablement services, application environment specification, application executive, application form, application integration architecture, application layer, application portability architecture, application program, application program interface, application programming interface, application protocol data unit, application server, application service element, application service provider, application software, application software installation server, application visualisation system, application-oriented language, applications language, applications programme, applications programming interface, applications software, application-specific integrated circuit, applicative, applicative language, applicative language for digital signal processing, applicative order reduction, applicator, applicatorily, applicatory, applied, applied anthropology, applied math, applied mathematics, applied psychology, applied science, applied scientist, appliedly, applier, appliment, applique, appliqu'e, applog, applot, applotment, apply

Computing Dictionary

A revision of apl for the illiac iv.