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Meaning of AMBER

Pronunciation:  'ambur

Matching Terms:  amber codon, amber fish, amber lily, amber mutation, amber room, amber seed, amber suppressor, amber tree, amberbell, amberboa, amberboa moschata, amberfish, ambergrease, ambergris, amberjack, ambes-as

Computing Dictionary

1. A functional programming language which adds csp-like concurrency, multiple inheritance and persistence to ml and generalises its type system. It is similar to galileo. Programs must be written in two type faces, roman and italics! It has both static types and dynamic types.

There is an implementation for macintosh.

["Amber", L. Cardelli, TR Bell Labs, 1984].

2. An object-oriented distributed language based on a subset of c++, developed at washington university in the late 1980s.