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Meaning of ACTIS

Matching Terms:  actias, actias luna, actifed, actin, actinal, actinaria, acting, acting out, acting(a), actinia, actinian, actiniaria, actiniarian, actinic, actinic dermatitis, actinic keratosis, actinic radiation, actinic ray, actinide, actinide series, actinidia, actinidia arguta, actinidia chinensis, actinidia deliciosa, actinidia polygama, actinidiaceae, actiniform, actiniopteris, actinism, actinium, actino-chemistry, actinogram, actinograph, actinoid, actinolite, actinolitic, actinology, actinomere, actinomeris, actinomeris alternifolia, actinometer, actinometric, actinometrical, actinometry, actinomorphic, actinomorphous, actinomyces, actinomycetaceae, actinomycetal, actinomycetales, actinomycete, actinomycetes, actinomycetous, actinomycin, actinomycin d, actinomycosis, actinomycotic, actinomyxidia, actinomyxidian, actinon, actinophone, actinophonic, actinophorous, actinopod, actinopoda, actinosome, actinost, actinostome, actinotherapy, actinotrocha, actinozoa, actinozoal, actinozoan, actinozoon, actinula, action, action at law, action case, action mechanism, action painting, action plant, action potential, action replay, action spectrum, action tremor, actionable, actionably, actionary, actionless, actitis, actitis hypoleucos, actitis macularia, actium, activase, activate, activated, activated carbon, activated charcoal, activated sludge process, activating, activating agent, activating(a), activation, activation energy, activation record, activator, active, active agent, active air defense, active application, active biomass, active birth, active citizen, active dbms, active directory, active immunity, active immunization, active language i, active matrix display, active matrix screen, active metal, active monitor, active object, active placebo, active principle, active reconfiguring message, active server pages, active site, active transport, active trust, active voice, actively, activeness, activex, activism, activist, activistic, activities of daily living, activity, activity area, activity coefficient

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