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Meaning of A/UX

Computing Dictionary

(Apple's UniX) apple's first version of unix for macintosh computers. A/UX merges the macintosh finder (gui) with a Unix core, offering functions from both systems. It will run on some late-model motorola 68000 Macs, but not on the power macintosh.

A/UX is based on at&t Unix system v.2.2 with numerous extensions from V.3, V.4 and bsd 4.2/4.3. It also provides full posix compliance.

A/UX 3.x.x incorporates system 7 for the Macintosh, thus supporting the vast majority of Macintosh applications. System 7 and Unix are fully integrated under A/UX 3.x.x with the Unix file system being seen as a disk drive by the Finder.

jagubox's a/ux home page.